"This is not a stable life, but it's too early to make a judgment. Now I can do what I want, so I don't regret choosing this life. I am too busy to regret."


Hello. I am Kyeongho Park of 'Jejusaram', connecting people in Jeju. Since about 2 years ago, when Jeju Creative Economy & Innovation Center first opened, I have used J-Space. My job requires me to meet a lot of people, and here, I could work as well as have a meeting and it had a comfortable atmosphere. So, I used to be always in this space like a fixture. Now, many people want me outside, so I use J-Space only sometimes for personal work.





'Jejusaram', Business Started by Himself After Quitting His Job


 'Jejusaram' is a platform that connects people who are based in Jeju and have a certain contents. This business aims to resolve issues in Jeju by connecting people and improve Jeju. Other than this business, I am currently the board president of Jeju Coop. I'm also doing other activities, and they have the drive force for my business.


For my business, I need to know people in Jeju very well. For example, there is some event to be arranged for vitalizing Jeju's performing arts. Then, they request me to find people they need. Then I look for the performance teams, performance planners and others who are related to the event and would make a great synergy effect working with one another. In order to be able to do that, I need to know about each individual - what they do with what kind of contents, what they are interested in, etc.





Where I Meet People Is My Workroom


 Jeju has oendangculture. I am from Jeju, so I could know everyone if I ask someone I know. But, now there are many people from outside Jeju and I can get to know them only if I meet and talk with them in details. That is why I always go about meeting people. So, I don't really need an office. If I have any documents I need to work on urgently, then I just come to J-Space like this or go to 24-hour cafe, open my laptop and work. I have a very tight schedule during the day, so I usually end up doing document works in the late evenings or late at night. J-Space is not open at those hours, so I mainly go to a 24-hour cafe near Halla University called 'About'.


Only in Jeju, A Jeju Nomad Worker


 I'm not a digital nomad who works in many different places but a Jeju nomad worker who travels around in this Jeju island. Jeju is a little island, but so many people live here. I travel to here and there in Jeju to meet people, so I spend a lot of time on the road. My schedule is packed from the morning till the dinner time, so it is hard to find a time solely for myself. I need to do document works late at night, so I can barely sleep. Ah, and it is not only in the Jeju-si but also Seogwipo-si, the east and the west of the island where people are. While I have many people to meet, I feel short on energy and it is overwhelming because I work by myself. So, I made my own rule. I get up in the morning and start my day playing soccer at a morning soccer club. After I finish all my day late at night, I do simple exercises. Though brief, I am both opening and wrapping up my day working out or reading.






I would like to meet creators in Jeju


 I would like to meet many people who have contents based on Jeju. J-Space has a variety of gatherings and programs, people come to do their personal work and there are startup entrepreneurs. So, it is great that I can meet many people at J-Space. Sometimes, I get close to people I see here often and help eath other. It would have been really hard if I had been alone. If you want to meet someone, please contact 'Jejusaram', Kyeongho Park!



Contact of <Jejusaram> Kyeongho Park


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