Jeju, the Island of Creation through New Connections

J-Space is a Jeju Co-working Space.

It is a space for networking and cooperation where people engaged in various activities based on Jeju create value and develop together by exchanging ideas and opinions with each other.

The interior of J-Space is themed around the concept of challenge.

It is expressed as a space where challengers move forward together under the vision of Connect Community and Co-creation.

No.1  Welcome Zone

The Welcome Zone is the first place you see upon entering J-Space. You can greet people and obtain information to start a business in this place.

The clock displayed on the desk wall shows the times of places cooperating with Jeju Center or representative global innovation institutions.

No.2  Adventure Area

This is a community space for people engaged in various activities to interact, take a rest, and find new things.









No.3  Challenging Zone

J-Space has a work place for goal achievement and creative production.

The Ocean Room located on the 3rd floor is Stayover zone  for the work and networking of ‘Like Jeju’ program participants. The Mountain Room and Sky Room located on the 4th floor is a ‘Move-in Office’ as a working space of startups that moved into the center.


No.4  Training Zone


This place works as a venue for various educational lectures and networking programs. We help people to develop their abilities through various activities. 





No.5  Crashing Zone

We confront many different missions when challenging ourselves to a new thing.

This is a space for meetings and discussions to resolve these issues.


No.6  Performing Zone

J-Fab Lab is a space to realize startup ideas.

There are programs like prototyping through 3D printings, startup-related educational courses etc. that you can take advantage of.

Challenge yourself for business in Jeju, 

the island of creation through connection!

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